Release Notes

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Recent changes


  • Make door lock switchable.
  • Garbage: Venlo (new website)
  • Custom function getStatus will be called twice. Second time after block creation (fixed)

v3.8.4 Beta (13-8-2021)


  • Calendar fixes (recurring events, multiple events on same moment)
  • ANWB traffic info: Change API v1 to v2
  • Garbage: Fix for Rova

v3.8.3 Beta (29-5-2021)


  • Weather: Added layout 4 option. See Weather forecast
  • Weather: Colored icons (animated weather icons only). See Weather forecast
  • Weather: show/hide wind dial and wind info, Wind as Beaufort, show/hide first forecast card


  • Weather: Changed styling of current weather block (center the three parts)
  • Weather: Fix styling of forecast block for white Dashticz template
  • Merged changes from master v3.8.0.1 and v3.8.0.2


  • Bump Swiper.js from 5.4.5 to 6.4.2

v3.8.2 Beta (24-4-2021)


Breaking changes: New weather block.


v3.8.1 Beta (14-4-2021)


v3.8.0 Beta (10-4-2021)


  • Auto slide timer configurable per screen via screen parameter auto_slide_page
  • Fix for columns without block parameter
  • Fix for icon size for special blocks on screen width < 975 pixels

v3.8.0.2 Master (14-5-2021)


  • Fix potential error in startup behavior

v3.8.0.1 Master (26-4-2021)


  • Standby: Prevent click to activate a Dashticz block while in standby

v3.8 Master (9-4-2021)

Master version derived from v3.7.7 Beta.

If your current Dashticz version is lower than v3.7.2 then before upgrading make a copy of custom/custom.css and custom/custom.js first!

See the upgrade instructions at v3.7.2 below.

v3.7.7 Beta (8-4-2021)


  • Garbage: Repaired Area, EDG, Groningen, Meerlanden


  • P1 Smart Meter: Computed fields ‘NettUsage’, ‘NettCounterToday’ and ‘NettCounter’ which can be used as value in dials.
  • Garbage: Set block parameter ‘ignoressl’ to true to disable https SSL checks.


  • Update of the external npm modules

v3.7.6 Beta (12-3-2021)



Breaking changes. See v3.7.6: Dial values for update instuctions

  • Several dial enhancements. See Dial values
  • Device hook: Function in custom.js which is called on every device update. See Device hook


  • Blinds: Support textOn and textOff block parameters

v3.7.5 Beta (28-2-2021)



  • Dials: Fix dimmer decimals
  • Dials: Improved formatting
  • Dials: Improved error handling
  • Dials: Support setpoint for default dial

v3.7.4 Beta (20-2-2021)


  • Fix for Spotify block (removed the additional dummy block)
  • Spotify: Improved playlist popup layout
  • Improved error handling in PHP modules for calendar and garbage
  • Dials: Resize disabled (to prevent size changes after first rendering)
  • Garbage: block with company: ‘ical’ will now be detected correctly as Garbage block instead of Calendar
  • Garbage:
  • Colorpicker: Add support for Hue RGBWW device by adding mode:1 block parameter


  • Dial: block parameter iconSwitch to set the fontawesome icon to use for an on/off switch
  • Dials: Support added for text devices and for dials without device.
  • Dials: Text devices will be recognized correctly in default dial as well, meaning you can combine several text devices into one dial.
  • Dials: Set number of decimals with decimals parameter
  • Garbage will be sorted in the same order as garbage block parameter (or config['garbage'])

v3.7.3 beta (24-1-2021)


Make a backup of CONFIG.js, custom.css and custom.js


  • Redesign internal block framework
  • Removed old calendar block ‘icalendar’ and calendarurl config setting


  • Calendar: (New calendar block, layout 0 and 1 only) The class ‘agenda-empty’ is applied to the calendar block in case there are no appointments.
  • Battery Level indicator for Domoticz devices. Battery icon will be displayed when the battery level is below batteryThreshold. See Battery level.
  • TV Guide: Block parameter layout has been added, to display the TV guide with/without channel name. See TV Guide
  • Graph: Block parameter labels has been added, to rename the device names that are used in groupByDevice graphs.


  • Bugfix security panel lock screen default setting
  • Show last update time when last_update is set as block parameter
  • Graph: Fix for block parameter aggregate as array
  • Calendar: Update icalparser for PHP8 compatibility

3.7.2 Beta (27-12-2020)


Update instructions.

I’ve removed custom/custom.css and custom/custom.js from the Dashticz repository, because these are user configuration files, and should not be part of the Dashticz repository.

However, that means this update cannot be installed with git pull directly, because then git will report an error if you have modified one or both files.

To solve this, first make a backup of these two files:

mv custom/custom.js custom/custom.js.bak
mv custom/custom.css custom/custom.css.bak

In case you use the custom_2 folder, repeat these steps for that folder:

mv custom_2/custom.js custom_2/custom.js.bak
mv custom_2/custom.css custom_2/custom.css.bak

Then update to the latest version as usual:

git pull

And restore your backups:

mv custom/custom.js.bak custom/custom.js
mv custom/custom.css.bak custom/custom.css

And for the custom_2 folder:

mv custom_2/custom.js.bak custom_2/custom.js
mv custom_2/custom.css.bak custom_2/custom.css

You only have to do this once: Next updates can be installed with a normal ‘git pull’


  • Calendar: New block parameter emptytext to define the text to show where there are no calendar appointments. Only works for the new calendar block. See newcalendar
  • Custom graph: aggregate parameter can be an array to specify different aggregation methods per data element. See GroupBy
  • Graph: New parameters axisRight to show the first Y axis on the right (default is false), and axisAlternating to show Y axes alternating left/right (default: true).
  • Support for device (sub)type Managed Counter
  • Flipclock: New block parameters showSeconds (true or false) and clockFace (12 or 24)
  • Security panel: New block parameters ( decorate, headerText, footerText, scale). See Domoticz Security Panel


  • Graph: Fix for data acquistion day graph gas device.
  • Colorpicker: Some fixes in warm white/cold white color setting.
  • Improved styling of modal popup windows.

3.7.1 Beta (19-12-2020)


  • Graph: Enable graphs for Lux device type
  • Popup window: Add newwindow: 5 to open an url as image instead of iframe (doc to be updated)
  • Clock: New Hayman clock. Add block ‘haymanclock’ to a column, or use type: 'haymanclock' in your block definition.
  • Clock: New basicclock, which is the same as the normal clock, but then responsive. (scales with the width)
  • Clock parameters: haymanclock, flipclock, stationclock and basicclock all support the block parameters size to set the width of the clock and the parameter scale to scale down the width with a relative factor (scale: 0.6)

3.7.0 Beta (13-12-2020)


  • NPM update, code formatting

3.7 Master (13-12-2020)

Master version derived from 3.6.9 Beta

3.6.9 Beta (10-12-2020)


  • Garbage: New garbage block parameter maxdays to set the number of days to show the garbage collection info (2 means today and tomorrow)
  • Stationclock: New block parameter size to set the size of the clock. See Station Clock
  • Stationclock: New configuration parameters. See Station Clock


  • Garbage: Fix DeAfvalApp (https instead of http)
  • Garbage: Add avri as garbage company
  • Garbage: add layout as block parameter. Use layout: 0 to format the garbage rows as one string and layout: 1 to use table layout.
  • Garbage: Fix Afvalwijzer 2021 data
  • Prevent :hover effect for touch devices

3.6.8 Beta (27-11-2020)


  • Garbage: New providers Suez (Arnhem), Blink (Asten, Deurne, Gemert-Bakel, Heeze-Leende, Helmond, Laarbeek, Nuenen, Someren), Purmerend
  • Garbage: New provider afvalstoffendienst
  • Garbage: New provider GAD
  • Colorpicker: Add support for WW dimmers (Philips Hue)
  • Chart: For custom graphs you can define the icon to use for each graph button. See Custom graphs
  • Timegraph: New special block to define a moving time graph. See Timegraph
  • Garbage: Additional styling. See Styling
  • Garbage: New block parameter date_separator to configure the text between garbage type and date
  • Garbage: Format as table. See Styling


  • Calendar: Add ‘method:0’ to your calendar block definition in case you experience issues with recurring events. Only works for the new calendar block. See newcalendar
  • Fix for X10 security motion device.

3.6.7 Beta (4-11-2020)

Update of the Garbage module. See Upgrade from Dashtcz 3.6.6 and earlier for upgrade information.

3.6.6 Beta (30-10-2020)


  • Dashticz URL parameters. See Dashticz URL parameters
  • Dials: Set the block parameter animation to true or false to enable/disable dial animations.
  • Add timeout CSS class to Domoticz devices in the timeout state. See Styling


  • Garbage: Fix for Mijnafvalwijzer on iOS
  • Disable Dashticz refresh if config[‘dashticz_refresh’] is 0
  • Bugfix initialization code

3.6.5 Beta (22-10-2020)


  • Button: newwindow: 3 handling is fixed.
  • Scenes: Switch always on
  • Switched to an alternative server to provide the covid-19 data


  • Button, special blocks: Initiate the url parameter as POST request by setting newwindow: 4
  • Add support for Domoticz x10 security sensor
  • Dial: Combine data from several devices. See genericdial

3.6.4 Beta (6-10-2020)


  • PV Output Temp device.

Update notes

  • The icon for PV Output blocks are not automatically set to ‘fas fa-sun’ anymore. You still can do this manually in a block definition. In a future version I’ll improve the default settings for Domoticz device types.

3.6.3 Beta


  • Set config setting security_panel_lock to 2 to activate security panel lock in ‘Armed Home’ mode as well.
  • Dial type now enabled for most devices. See genericdial


  • Remove scroll bar of the modal security panel (security panel lock)
  • New config setting use_cors to enable CORS proxy for OWM. Set to true on Android 4.4.2.
  • Garbage: recycleapp

3.6.2 Beta


  • Fix for graph issues in 3.6

3.6.1 Beta


3.6.0 Beta

Beta version, same as 3.6 master.


  • Update of the external js modules

3.6 Master


  • New Dashticz config parameter ‘swiper_touch_move’ to disable/enable swiping the screen on touch
  • Graph: The ‘today’ button now shows the full day data. The range ‘day’still exists as well, which still can be used in custom graphs.
  • Add support for device with subtype ‘Current’
  • Popup graphs enabled by default for most block types. To disable a popup graph, add graph: false to the block definition.


  • Update FontAwesome to 5.14.0


  • Camera block
  • Garbage: Ophaalkalender (BE) doesn’t work anymore. It has been replaced by recycleapp.
  • Security panel home symbol.
  • Garbage: Meerlanden switched to ximmio as garbage data provider
  • Garbage: Fixed method to retrieve data from mijnafvalwijzer
  • Fixed use_favorites config setting. Changed default to false, meaning all devices will be available for Dashticz.
  • Remove CORS for OWM data

3.5.2 Beta


  • New colorpicker for RGB devices, including support for whites. The no_rgb setting is absolete. See RGB Color picker


  • Fix for Omrin garbage provider
  • Fix for Venlo garbage provider


  • Update to jquery 3.5.1

3.5.1 Beta

  • Domoticz textblocks, traffic, trafficinfo, longfonds and public transport now support the block parameters url, newwindow, forcerefresh and password giving it the same behavior as a button if you want to open an url on click.
  • Change traffic info provider for traffic block

3.5.0 Beta

Same as 3.5 Master

3.5 Master

New master release derived from 3.4.10 beta.

See the release notes for the beta releases below for all changes.

3.4.10 (Beta) (7-6-2020)

  • Japanese language support (preliminary)
  • Improved Camera block . See Cameras
  • Stop called twice for Blinds stop button
  • Improve Dial representation on Android devices
  • Improved graph groupBy function (Beta) (26-5-2020)

  • Several bug fixes

3.4.9 (Beta) (25-5-2020)

  • Improved number formatting for graph header and tooltip. See Number format
  • Block definition with custom keys: consistency in block selection for subdevices, CSS class application and function names in custom.js. This may result in a breaking change. See v3.4.9: Custom keys in block definition

3.4.8 (Beta) (20-5-2020)

  • Improved trafficinfo layout
  • IE11 support
  • iOS9 support
  • Standardized formatting of source code
  • Removed eslint warnings (first batch)

3.4.7 (Beta) (18-5-2020)

  • Support for Dials. See Dial
  • Refresh of graph while in standby

3.4.6 (Beta) (13-5-2020)

  • Enable graphs for Voltage and Distance devices
  • Parameter timeformat to configure time format for ‘alarmmeldingen’. See Alarmmeldingen
  • TV guide (Dutch: tvgids) made clickable
  • More options to customize the graph header. See customHeader
  • Fix for ANWB Traffic Info (new API)
  • Fix for recurring calendar events (older than 3 year, without end date)

3.4.5 (Beta) (23-4-2020)

  • Garbage: Cure moved to ‘mijnafvalwijzer’
  • Synchronization Domoticz security panel state
  • Bug fix popup chart refresh

3.4.4 (Beta) (18-4-2020)

  • Add ‘Current’ Domoticz device type.
  • Improved security panel. See <todo>
  • Fix for refresh of Scenes/Groups and some temperature sensors

3.4.3 (Beta) (9-4-2020)

  • New calendar layout. See newcalendar
  • Group/scene status refresh
  • Unit parameter, which can be used for formatting the value of some Domoticz devices. See Formatting

3.4.2 (Beta) (3-4-2020)

  • Add dewpoint block for TempHumBar devices
  • Corona block type
  • Custom header for graph blocks. See customHeader
  • Camera block. See Cameras
  • Calendar recurring events (experimental)
  • Refactoring blocktypes

3.4.1 (Beta)


Breaking changes. See v3.4.1: Redesign block definition for update instuctions

  • Support for showing a graph more than once on the dashboard.
  • Support for RGBWZ devices
  • Omrin garbage company
  • Calendar: Optionally display start time only by setting startonly block parameter
  • New block parameter password to password protect switches, buttons, thermostats, sliders.
  • Filter parameter for the news block. Define as block parameter. Example:
blocks['my_news'] {
  feed: '',
  filter : '5 items',  // to only show the 5 latest news items, or:
  filter: '2 days',    // to only show news items of the last 2 days, or:
  filter: '1 month',   // to only show news items from last month
  • Requests to Domoticz will not be send via a websocket connection (not reliable)
  • Fix for Evo devices
  • Improved the height adjustment of a news block with inline images
  • Fix for updating devices via getStatus_idx in custom.js
  • Fix for initial update of block defined by getBlock_<idx>() in custom.js

3.4.0 Beta (8-2-2020)

  • Websocket interface for Domoticz version > 4.11000 to receive instant device updates. See Websocket connection
  • The News block will show the inline images. By setting the news block parameter ‘showimages: false’ the inline images will be hidden. See Config Settings
  • graph and multigraph have been combined into the same graph block. See Graphs.

In case you update from 3.3.5 beta: The parameter multigraphTypes has been replaced by graphTypes

  • Dashticz will only receive the updates for devices that changed since the previous update. This will increase responsiveness. In the previous version Dashticz received all device info at every update (default 5 second cycle).

3.3.5 Beta (28-1-2020)

  • Garbage Uden
  • Restored PHP5 compatible ical library next to the PHP7 library. The PHP5 library is selected automatically on systems with PHP version lower than 7.1. The PHP5 library doesn’t show yearly recurring events correctly.

3.3.4 Beta (22-1-2020)

  • Multigraph functionality. See Graphs. Master (4-2-2020)

  • Garbage Uden
  • Reenabled PHP5 calendar module

3.3.3 Master (22-1-2020)

  • New PHP ical library to solve issue with recurring events. Note: PHP 7.1 or higher is required.

3.3.2 Master (18-1-2020)

Master version derived from 3.3.1 beta.

If you are upgrading from a previous master version please read v3.2.0: Change in HTML template for special blocks.

Additional fixes
  • Fix standby screen in case of single screen.

3.3.1 Beta (13-1-2020)

  • Complete dimmer block is clickable (not just the icon)
  • Multiple stationclocks
  • Background fill complete screen in case of single screen
  • Add dimmer for RGBWWZ devices
  • TwenteMilieu garbage collection
  • Bar-afvalbeheer garbage collection (for Barendrecht, Rhoon). Use ‘barafvalbeheer’ as garbage_company.

3.3.0 Beta (5-1-2020)

  • Improved error handling
  • Improved handling of chart data
  • Almere garbage
  • Login screen background image

3.2.1 (10-12-2019)

  • Swiper transition effect
  • Update to latest jQuery version to solve security alert



Breaking changes

Main change:
Other changes:
  • Enable swiper for mobile devices
  • Update to swiper 5.2.0. Added the config parameters vertical_scroll and enable_swiper to control swiping and scrolling behavior. See Config parameters
  • Bundle most external dependencies (webpack, babel, package.json)
  • Calendar: Improved handling for recurring events
  • Blinds: Fix for custom icons

3.1.2 (26-10-2019)

  • Improved calendar layout for full day events. Added timezone adjust parameters.
  • Fix for loading Dashticz without external network
  • Load Sonarr images via CORS proxy

3.1.1 (15-10-2019)

  • Show calendar with table formatting by setting blockparameter calFormat:1. See calTable
  • Session Time Out option
  • Graph for barometer device
  • Almere garbage provider
  • Wind speed unit interpretation in case of non default Domoticz setting
  • Protect parameter for dimmers.
  • Removal of ES6 dependency (introduced by the graph update)

Upgrading from earlier versions:

Use the btnimage parameter instead of the image parameter. The parameter isimage is not used anymore.

3.1.0 (18-9-2019)

  • New config setting 'start_page' to set Dashticz start page number
  • New parameter 'scrollbars' to set scrollbars in frame. See Frames
  • New graph module. It’s not completely backwards compatible. Especialy styling will be different. See Graphs
  • Faster initial display of the Dashticz dashboard.

3.0.6 (28-8-2019)

  • OpenWeatherMap module: support for using the city id as city name
  • Icon/image options for blocktitles
  • Docker PHP timezone
  • News update in standby
  • Robustness install script and makefile
  • Auto restart docker container after reboot
  • Documentation updates (Thanks to HansieNL)

3.0.5 (4-8-2019)

  • Update of documentation.
  • Improvements in the automatic installation script.

3.0.4 (1-8-2019)

Main changes:
  • OWM Weather layout

3.0.3 (20-7-2019)

Main changes:
  • Fixed the broken Spotify module
  • Improved layout (icon size for certain screen widths)

3.0.2 (19-7-2019)

Main changes:
  • New block parameters (textOn, textOff, imageOn, imageOff, iconOn, iconOff) to control the display of block text, icons and images depending on the device state.

3.0.1 (25-6-2019)

Main changes (thanks to Steven):
  • New special block: Traffic information based on providers, ANWB is the first one. See Traffic info.
  • Additional filter options for the public transport module. See Public Transport.

3.0.0 (13-6-2019)

This is the first Dashticz v3 release.

Main change: New Domoticz Github location:

New functionality:

  • Change in forcerefresh parameter of a button to support cheap Chinese webcams.
  • Support for TempBaro device
  • Sizing the y-axis of the graph to relevant data
  • Adding possibility to draw graph data for Qubino ZMNHTDx Smart meter
  • Add bar graph type option.
  • Streamplayer: Add class when in playing state to enable styling via custom.css
  • Radio streaming image (radio-streaming.png)


  • Make index2.html consistent with index.html
  • Streamplayer error handling

2.5.9 (11-3-2019)

New functionality:

  • Caching prevention mechanism also applied to button popup frame (forcerefresh parameter)
  • Added Air Quality as graph type (and CO2 as graph property)
  • Support of RGB dimmers (RGBW and RGBWW dimmers were supported already)
  • Added confirmation option for switches (See confirmation parameter in Domoticz blocks)

Small fix:

  • TwenteMilieu garbage pickup dates

2.5.8 (8-3-2019)

Small fixes:

  • Prevent caching of the version info.

2.5.6 and 2.5.7

  • Graph improvements. See Graphs for usage description.

    • Selection of values you want to show in a graph via the graphTypes parameter. See Block parameters.
    • Support for the title and width parameter in a graph block.
  • Additional mechanism to prevent caching of images in a button via the forcerefresh parameter. See forcerefresh.

  • Change background color for active ‘slide’ button. See Slide button.

  • Flash on change. See Flash on change.

    If you have defined the flash parameter for a device-block, then the block will flash on change. The formatting of the flash can be modified via the class .blockchange in your custom.css.

    The parameter config['blink_color'] is (temporarily?) not used anymore. (reason: the apply background mechanism didn’t work for non-touch devices)

  • Improved layout of blinds

  • Update of Romanian language

  • Update to FontAwesome 5.7.2

  • Fix for some RFX meters (incl. water meter)