This module can display (Dutch) 112 Meldingen.

Define your “alarmmeldingen” block (optional):

blocks['alarmmeldingen'] = {
        rss: '',
        filter: 'Venlo',   //filter the messages for your town and if you want the cities around you
        show_lastupdate: true,
        width: 12,
        refresh: 300,   //refresh rate in seconds
        results: 5   //number of recent results to show

Add “alarmmeldingen” to a column:

columns[1]['blocks'] = [

Use the site to find the rss-feed of your choice (region, city)



Parameter Description
title '<string>': Custom title for the block
rss The rss url for your City or Region from
filter Add search filters for surrounding cities or special messages mentioned in the alarmmessage like Traumaheli or Brandweer
show_lastupdate true / false: To display the ime of the last update of the data displayed
width The block width
refresh The update interval of this block in seconds
icon The icon to show in the block, if you dont want to show an icon use ‘’
image The image to use instead of an icon. Location is relative to ./img
results The number of most recent results found by using the filter parameter
timeformat Time format template. Default is ‘ddd d MMM HH:MM’ which will display the time as ‘Thu 4 Apr 22:03’.



Alarmmeldingen requires beta 3.4.0 or higher.

If you want to remove the icon, add the following to your block definition:

icon: '',  //This are two tick-marks

To use your own image instead of a FontAwsome Free icon you can add this to your ‘’CONFIG.js””:

image: '../custom/img/siren.png',

For more information on time formats see:


To change the color of the alarmmessages add the following to your custom.css:

font-size: 14px !important;
.alarmrow a {
color: white;
.alarmrow strong{
display: inline-block;

In case no info is available then the CSS class empty will be added to block.