OWM widgets


Collection of Open Weather Map widgets.

First create an account on https://openweathermap.org to obtain your free api key. You can use the following config settings or use the block parameters to set the api key:

config['owm_api'] = '123abc....';

You can choose one of the 24 widgets with the layout block parameter:

blocks['mywidget'] = {
type: 'owmwidget',  //to select a owm widget
layout: 11, //1 .. 24
width: 12,

Block parameters

Parameter Description
apikey '123abc...': OWM api key. Default setting is the value of config[‘owm_api’]
layout 11: Select a layout from 1 to 24
'Amsterdam': The city name to search for. Default is config[‘owm_city’] value.
2643743: or the Open Weather Map city id.
country 'nl': Country used in the city name search. Default is config[‘owm_country’] value.
width 1..12: The width of the block relative to the column width