Automatic install


The installation scripts currently only works on Raspberry (except xbian) and Ubuntu

For the automatic install open a terminal in a folder of choice where Dashticz V3 will get installed:

mkdir dev
cd dev

Then start the installation script with:

. <(wget -qO - )

The script:

  • asks for a folder where to install Dashticz V3
  • asks to install the beta or master branch : For now only beta works with the auto install!!
  • Clones the Dashticz V3 repository and selected branch into a new folder
  • Asks for the IP adress of your Domoticz server.
  • Copies CONFIG_DEFAULT.js to CONFIG.js with the correct IP address for Domoticz

Then a Makefile is executed which:

  • Installs Docker (if not installed yet)
  • Creates a Dashticz V3 container, named dtv3, containing Apache and PHP
  • FInd the first free port, 8082 or higher
  • Starts the container on the first free port
  • Mounts the dashticz folder to the web-root of the container
  • Shows the Dashticz url

If you open this url then the default Dashticz dashboard becomes visible.

So no more need to configure Apache and/or PHP! It just works out-of-the box. You need a few 100 MB free space on your system.

The first time the installation may take a while (5 - 15 minutes?): be patient.

Update from a previous version

If the default page is working then you can copy your previous CONFIG.js, custom.css, custom.js from your previous installation to dashticz/custom.

Just refresh your browser, and your new dashboard is shown. No need to rebuild the docker container.