This module can display a rss feed.

A predefined modules exists with the name 'news', which can be configured with the parameter default_news_url. See Config Settings

config['default_news_url'] = '';

Additional rss feeds can be defined as well. See below:

blocks['news_tweakers'] = {
  feed: '',
  showimages: false,
  icon: 'fas fa-newspaper'

Add the news blocks to a column as usual:

columns[5] = {
  blocks: ['news', 'news_tweakers']

Config Settings

Settings Description
URL of the default news feed
'' = Example for
Enter the ammount in seconds (delay)
5 = Scroll the news message every 5 seconds

News Parameters

Parameters Description
URL of the news feed
'' = Example for
'max' (default) : Adjust the height of the block to the maximum height of all the news items.
'auto' : Adjust the height to fit the displayed news item.
<number> : Set the height of the block to <number> pixels.
Title of the news block
'fas fa-newspaper': icon to show in the news block
'image.png': image to show as icon. Image path is relative to the <dashticz>/img folder.
Show the inline images of the rss feed.
false: Do not show the inline images
true (=default): Show the inline images
Filter the number of items or filter on publish date of items
'5 items': Show the 5 most recent news items
'3 days': Show the news items from the last three days.


Add the following to CONFIG.js:

config['default_news_url'] = '';

blocks['news_tweakers'] = {
  feed: ''

columns[5] = {
  blocks: ['news', 'news_tweakers'],
  width: 4

//Definition of screens
screens = {}
screens[1] = {
  columns: [1, 2]
screens[2] = {
  columns: [3,4]

screens[3] = {
  columns: [5]

This will give on the third screen the following result:


If you click on a news item, then the news article will be shown in a popup window. Not all rss-feeds support this. The news articles from Tweakers for instance are blocked.


The news module will download the information via a CORS proxy. The default settings normally work fine. For configuration see PHP based CORS proxy

Not all rss-feeds support inline images. In that case you can set showimages to false.