Weather forecast


In version 3.8.2 Dashticz switched to the new weather block as described here.

Dashticz supports the following weather forecast providers:

Before you can use the weather module, you must request an API key:


Since November 2022 OpenWeatherMap doesn’t provide anymore new api keys with full functionality

Basic usage

A basic weather block can be defined as follows:

blocks['weather'] = {
  type: 'weather',
  apikey: '', /Your API key
  city: 'Amsterdam',

Besides the daily forecast, you can also show the current weather or an hourly forecast.


Block parameter Description
type 'weather'. To select a weather block
width 1..12: Width of the block
refresh 3600 Update once per hour. (default=3600, minimum=900, 15 minutes)
Number between 0 and 1 to make the weather block smaller
1 Normal block width
0.5 50% width
apikey ''. OWM api key
city 'Amsterdam'. City name. You can also use the OWM city id code.
country 'nl'. Country code.
name 'My place'. Name to use instead of city name on the dashboard.
lang 'nl': Language to use for OWM data
owm: Use OpenWeatherMap as provider
knmi: Use KNMI as provider
Choose a layout for the weather block
0: Daily forecast (=default)
1: Hourly forecast (for OWM only)
2: Current weather
3: Current weather detailed
4: Combination of 2,3,0,1
count 5: Number of forecast items to show (default=3). Only for daily and hourly forecast.
Use every n-th forecast item.
1. Use every forecast item (=default)
3. Set to 3 to get 3-hourly forecast
Number of temperature decimals to show
1 One decimal (=default)
Show/hide minimum temperature (only for daily forecast)
false: Hide minimum temperature
true: Show minimum temperature (=default)
Show/hide rain rate (only for daily and hourly forecast)
false: Hide rain rate
true: Show rain rate (=default)
Show/hide weather description (only for daily and hourly forecast)
false: Hide weather description
true: Show weather description
Show/hide wind info and wind dial (daily and hourly forecast only)
false: Hide wind info
true: Show wind info (=default)
useBeaufort Set to true to show wind speed in Beaufort instead of m/s
skipFirst Set to true to skip the first daily/hourly forecast card
false: Show colored icons (animated weather icons only)
true: Show monochrome icons (animated weather icons only)
showCurrent Set to false to hide current weather (layout 4 only)
showDetails Set to false to hide current weather details (layout 4 only)
showDaily Set to false to hide daily weather forecast (layout 4 only)
showHourly Set to false to hide hourly weather forecast (layout 4 only)
Icon set to use. See below
'line' Dynamic line icons
'linestatic' Static version of the line icons
'fill' Dynamic filled icons
'static' Static icons
'meteo' Alternative set of static icons

The weather module makes use of the following CONFIG parameters:

Parameter Description
owm_api '<api-key>' API-key provided by
Your city or nearby city to use in OWM. You can also fill in the city id here.
Name to use instead of city name
Your country to use in OWM
Set language for de description of the forecast (rain, cloudy, etc.). For available languages, see
'' (empty string, default) Use Dashticz language setting
Number of forecast elements (3-hour intervals or days) to show
Show minimum temperature on 2nd row (only for daily forecast)
false / true
true Static weather settings
false (default) Animated weather icons
This config setting is used as default value for block parameter useBeaufort
true Use Beaufort for wind speed
false Use m/s for wind speed


In the next examples the config parameter owm_api and owm_city have been set globally, so they are not part of the weather block definitions.

To show the hourly forecast with an 3 hour interval:

blocks['weather1'] = {
    type: 'weather',
    layout: 1,
    count: 7,
    interval: 3,

To show the current weather, with a custom name:

blocks['weather2'] = {
  type: 'weather',
  layout: 2,
  name: 'My place',

To show detailed info on the current weather:

blocks['weather3'] = {
    type: 'weather',
    layout: 3,
    name:'Home is home',


Via the block parameter icons you can choose one of the predefined icon sets:

  • ‘line’ (=default)
  • ‘linestatic’
  • ‘fill’
  • ‘static’
  • ‘meteo’

By setting the block parameter monochrome to true the icons will be displayed as monochrome.

This will give the following icons sets to choose from:



All blocks have the css class weather assigned in combination with weather_0, weather_1, …, where the number indicates the layout number.

Further, all info items have css classes assigned. The names are self explanatory.

  • icon: Weather icon
  • day: Day item (‘Saturday’)
  • time: Forecast time (hourly forecast only)
  • city: City name
  • description: Weather description
  • temp: temperature
  • max: Max temperature
  • min: Min temperature
  • temp: Current temperature
  • feels: Feel-like temperature
  • rain: Rain rate
  • humidity
  • pressure: Barometric pressure
  • windspeed
  • windgust
  • winddirection

To capitalize the day of the week have to add the following code to custom.css:

.weather .day {
  text-transform: capitalize;