RIVM measures our air quality on a daily basis. The air is not equally healthy everywhere in the Netherlands. With the Longfonds check https://www.longfonds.nl/gezondelucht/check you can see how healthy the air is in your neighbourhood. The data for this check comes from the RIVM. - The air quality is a value from 0 (good) to 11 (very bad)

You can use the following config settings or use the block parameters to set the address:

config['longfonds_zipcode'] = '1234AZ';
config['longfonds_housenumber'] = '99';

You can customize longfonds as follows:

blocks['longfonds'] = {
        title: 'Luchtkwaliteit',
        switch: true,
        width: 12,

Add 'longfonds' to your colum

Block parameters

Parameter Description
zipcode <zipcode>: Zipcode (if not set in config)
housenumber <housenumber>: Housenumber (if not set in config)
width 1..12: The width of the block relative to the column width
title '<string>': Custom title for the block
Defines the icon for this block, choose from: https://fontawesome.com/icons?d=gallery&m=free
'fas fa-eye'
If you want to show an image instead of an icon, place image in img/ folder
url '<url>': URL of the page to open in a popup frame or new window on click.
0: open in current window
1: open in new window
2: open in new frame (default, to prevent a breaking change in default behavior)
3: no new window/frame (for intent handling, api calls). HTTP get request.
4: no new window/frame (for intent handling, api calls). HTTP post request. (forcerefresh not supported)