For those who like to listen to the radio on Dashticz, there is a Plugin available.

Add the following to your CONFIG.js:

   {"track":2,"name":"538 Hitzone","file":""},
   {"track":3,"name":"Slam! NonStop","file":""},
   {"track":6,"name":"NPO Radio 1","file":""},
   {"track":7,"name":"Omroep Brabant","file":""},

To enable, use the key: ‘streamplayer’ in the block definitions:

columns[2]['blocks'] = [1,4,'streamplayer']

To change the color of the Streamplayer buttons add the following to your custom.css:

div[data-id='streamplayer'] > div {
background-color: blue !important;

div[data-id='streamplayer'].playing > div {
background-color: orange !important;

This last part is applied if the Streamplayer is in playing state.

To add an image to the Streamplayer add the following to your CONFIG.js:

blocks['streamplayer'] = {
    image: 'radio.png'

If you wanna use an icon instead of an image you have to change image to icon. You choose an icon from the FontAwesome Free set.