v3.7.3: Popup blocks and more


Make a backup of the files in the custom folder when updating!

Main changes in v3.7.3 are the following:

  • Improved consistency in popup windows

  • Possibility to add one or more Dashticz blocks into a popup window

Both points required some code redesign. Also some cleanup actions were implemented. The main changes are summarized below.

New blocks for ‘moon’ and ‘log’

Both blocks now can be added with there name, or by setting the type parameter. Example:

blocks['moon'] = {

blocks['logexample'] = {
    type: 'log'

columns[1] = {
    blocks: ['moon', 'logexample']

The previous method to define ‘moon’ via the btnimage parameter value moon is not supported anymore.

The ‘log’ parameter of a button is not supported anymore.

Removal of ‘old’ calendar block

Until now Dashticz supported the ‘old’ and the ‘new’ calendar block. The ‘old’ calendar block has been removed.

See newcalendar

To be able to recognize a calendar block you have to add icalurl parameter to the block definition.

Styling of popup windows

The CSS classes and default styling for popup windows changed. So if you have some custom popup styling in your custom.css then probably you have to update this.

See Popup windows for additional information.

New block parameter blocks

With the ‘blocks’ parameter a block acts in fact like a column definition. Example:

blocks['mypopup'] = {
    blocks: [1,2,'mydial','graph_3', 'log']

In the previous example a block with the name ‘mypopup’ is created, consisting of two Domoticz devices, a dial, a graph, and a log block.

You can add ‘mypopup’ to a column, or use is as value for a popup parameter:

blocks[123] = {
    popup: 'mypopup'

In this example a block for Domoticz device 123 will have a popup block consisting of 5 other blocks.