v3.2.0: Change in HTML template for special blocks

In the last years several special blocks have been added. However, the html templates for each block all were a bit different. The usage of css class names was not consistent. This made maintainability difficult as well. For that reason I decided to refactor the code towards the usage of a standard html template. In this version the following blocks have been migrated to the new format:

  • Block title

  • Buttons

  • Frames

  • Longfonds

  • News

  • Public transport

  • Stationclock

  • Streamplayer

  • Traffic

  • Trafficinfo

  • Train

  • TV Guide

Block parameters

For these blocks you can set the following block parameters:

  • icon: Icon name

  • image: Image name. Image path is relative to the <dashticz>/img folder.

  • title

  • key: Unique identifier

These parameters all work in the same way. The default styling however might be different, depending on the block type.

The following sections provide an overview of additional changes per block type.


The current button parameter image has been renamed to btnimage.

A button block can have a image parameter, which defines the image to be used as icon, and a btnimage parameter. This parameter defines the image of the button itself.

Public transport

The icon parameter of the Public transport block now must be set to the full icon name, as defined by FontAwesome.

Previous format

icon: 'train', //change: full icon name

New format:

icon: 'fas fa-train',

CSS class definitions

The CSS class definitions for each element of these blocks (block, icon, title, state) have been made consistent. This means you might have to update the styling in your custom.css, or the classes you use in custom.js. See Special blocks