Domoticz blocks

This sections addresses several issues related to displaying Domoticz blocks

Domoticz block not visible in Dashticz

There are a few possible causes


In CONFIG.js you have CONFIG['use_favorites']=1, while you did not mark your device as favorite in Domoticz


Set CONFIG['use_favorites']=0 in CONFIG.js or mark your device as favorite in Domoticz

device id incorrect

Check that your device id actually exists in Domoticz

Room plan

If you make use of a room plan in Dashticz, then check that you’ve added the device to the room plan in Domoticz.

User rights

If you’ve configured a specific Domoticz user for Dashticz, then check that this Domoticz user has access to the device.


Describe your issue in the Dashticz forum

Include the Domoticz json device description, which you can obtain via the following link:

http://domoticz ip:port/json.htm?type=devices&rid=123

Fill in your domoticz ip and port. Replace 123 with your device id.